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                A Brief Introduction to Shandong Medical College


                Shandong Medical College is a full-time college affiliated to Health and Family Planning Commission of Shandong Province and under the guidance of Shandong Provincial Education Department. It was founded in 1966 as the Yishui Branch of Qingdao Medical College. Currently, it has two campuses, one in Linyi City, another in Ji’nan City.

                Linyi Campus is located in Linyi City, a scenic historic and cultural city. Ji’nan Campus is located at the northern foot of Mount Wanling in Ji’nan, which is well-known as the Spring City.

                Shandong Medical College covers an area of 113 hectares with a gross floor area of 478,000 square meters. It now has fixed assets valued at RMB 784 million Yuan, with the teaching, science and research equipment valued at RMB 143 million Yuan, and students can have access to 1.02 million volumes of books and magazines in the school library. The advanced equipment in the college includes 16 high-standard laboratories of clinical medicine, nursing, stomatology, medical imaging, medical inspection technique, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Technique, etc. The college has an academician workstation of “He Lin Personalized Medicine, a provincial key laboratory and Translational Medicine” as well as a lot of modern computer laboratories, language laboratories and multimedia classrooms. The Campus Network has been connected to the Internet and the China Education and Research Network. The college has one affiliated hospital and one affiliated eye hospital as well as 13 non-affiliated hospitals and 142 teaching hospitals or practical teaching hospitals in Shandong Province and such big cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, etc.

                          The college has over 983 faculty and staff members. There are 718 full-time teachers, 311 of them have received master’s degree and above and 323 of them have gotten the title of associate professor and above. Nearly 60 teachers have been abroad for research and studies. The college has founded two national-level teaching groups and four provincial-level teaching groups and it has five “Outstanding Teacher of Shandong Province”, seven “Provincial-level Excellent Teacher”, eight experts of the national vocational qualification exams, 21 masters’ supervisors and 195 experienced and competent part-time teachers. Since 2013the college has undertaken 95 research projects in natural scienceof which two was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and three were funded by Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation. Other research projects undertaken here include 90 research projects at municipal or departmental level and 19 research projects on education and teaching including 7 innovation Action plan projects from Ministry of Education and 12 research projects from Shandong Provincial Education Department.

                         The college has 10 departments, namely Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Stomatology, Department of Nursing, Department of Medical Inspection, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Health and rehabilitation, etc. The students can choose to major in clinical medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, nursing, midwifery, medical inspection techniques, pharmacy, medical imaging, sanitary and quarantine inspection technique, techniques  of ophthalmology and optometry, radiotherapy techniques, rehabilitation techniques, health information management, applied technology of medical equipment, rehabilitation engineering techniques, aged care and management, pharmaceutical production technique and drug marketing and management. With the approval of Shandong Provincial Education Department, the college has cooperated with Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University in pharmacy and with Taishan Medical College in medical imaging technique for the students here to get a master’s degree in the “3+2” training mode. The directional and order-orientated program of training tuition-free medical students for countryside has been initiated by cooperating with the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Laoshan District, Qingdao. Nursing and pharmacy are the two key majors supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance and nursing is also the national health-service model major of vocational colleges, the sole one in Shandong Province.

                In 2016, the college enrolled 4700 students through the college entrance examination and 1000 students through the spring college entrance examination, including 80 students in the “3+2” training mode (40 to get a master’s degree in Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University in pharmacy and 40 in Taishan Medical College in medical imaging technique respectively). The students are mainly from Shandong Province and others are from Beijing, Shanxi province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Liaoning province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, Zhejiang province, Anhui Province, He’nan province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province, Shanxi Province, Gansu province, Qinghai Province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Now, there are 19188 full-time students in this college.

                The college has won widespread praise and is highly recognized by the public because it always adheres to the principle of focusing on teaching, comprehensively promotes quality education, constantly enhances the quality of teaching and school-running standards. It has constructed 17 provincial-level top-quality courses, two groups of top-quality courses, two national-level top-quality courses and two national-level resource-sharing top-quality courses. The fresh graduates have achieved outstanding results in the entrance examinations for undergraduate education since 1999 and the total number of the admitted students has been at the top of the list in Shandong Province for years. The quality of employment is improving steadily, the need for fresh graduates from our college is always quite high, and the employment rate has been up to 94% and above for many years. 

                The total number of students trained in this college has exceeded 80,000 since its foundation. A large number of the graduates have got a master’s degree or above from the universities at home and abroad. Some of the graduates have become medical professionals, medical experts or leaders in medical and health units, having made great contributions to the modern medical health cause.

                The college is now among the first-batch pilot colleges authorized by Ministry of Health in implementing the National Outstanding Doctor Program and “3+2” training mode for Assistants to general practitioners, the national-level training base for key teachers of clinical medicine, nursing, clinical inspection and medical imaging in medical higher vocational colleges, the national health management and education training base, the director’s unit of Medical Imaging Sub-committee of the National Health Industry Steering Committee, the vice president’s unit of Chinese Higher Medical Education Mooc League, the initiating unit of the Steering Committee of Health Vocational Education Professional Construction, the examiner college of Shandong provincial spring college entrance examination on pharmacy and nursing, Shandong provincial training base for key teachers of pharmacy, nursing, clinical inspection and medical imaging in medical higher vocational schools, Shandong provincial training base for general medical practitioners, Shandong provincial training base for health professionals in community hospitals, the provincial English training base for the medical sci-tech professionals engaged in overseas research, the provincial training and identification base for vocational skills, the provincial training and identification base for specific types of work in medical industry, the training base for international nurses, the pilot college of informatization construction, the member unit of the Project Collaboration of the International Standards for Professional Nurses, the member of China Higher Nursing Education League.

                The college has won many honorary titles: the Provincial-level Distinctive Famous College of Cultivating Skill-oriented Professionals, the National Advanced Group in health system, the National Integrity Model College, the National-level Model College of Language Standardization, the National-level Youth Civilization Unit, the Provincial-level Civilized Unit, the National-level Special-grade Archive Management Unit, the Advanced Unit of Teaching and Education, the Model School of Education Reform, the Provincial-level Civilized Campus, the Provincial-level Garden-style Unit, the Advanced Unit of Patriotic Health, the Advanced College of Catering Service and Management, the Model College of Dormitory Management, the Provincial-level Model College of Managing School by Law, the Peaceful Campus, the Provincial-level Advanced Unit of Fire Security, the Provincial-level Excellent College of Moral Education and the Model Home of Workers Conferred by All-China Federation of Trade Unions, etc.

                Standing at a new historical starting point, the college is now taking the opportunity of building a high-quality school by adhering to the connotative and characteristic development based on the high quality of education, professional talents and scientific research so as to create a new situation of the medical education and health personnel training and to provide more and better qualified medical professionals for the medical and health cause.

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